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With Safety as the Core, Good Results can Bring Good Benefits

Jul 05 , 2022

As an emerging aerial application platform, plant protection UAV has high system complexity, high correlation, and variable and complex application environment. Therefore, EAVISION has always the policy of "safety, effect and benefit" from the design concept; safety is the core Under the premise of good effect, there is good benefit. EAVISION has three safety systems, which can not only ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, but also ensure the safety of crops.


 plant protection UAV


Safety System 1: Fault Diagnosis System before Operation


UAVs are different from our common ground-based smart devices. In case of failure, they can be shut down for maintenance. For aerial devices, once any failure occurs, it will be a full stop. There is no comma to choose from. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the drone operates The entire system is in an absolutely trouble-free state, otherwise safety problems are very likely to occur; therefore, the design concept of civil aviation was introduced from the beginning, and the failure modes of each system in various environments were considered at the beginning of the design. There are more than 200 kinds of fault codes; after the drone is started, it will diagnose the whole machine system, and accurately identify the fault by comparing its own internal sensor data with the background data, and display the fault for the operator to watch, which is convenient for the operator At the same time, the drone has designed its own zero-allowance mechanism for faults to ensure that every flight is in a safe state; as long as it can take off, it can ensure safety.


Safety System 2: Environment Perception System Integrating Binocular Vision and Multi-sensor Fusion


EAVISION was born in a mountain system. The mountains are different from the field area. In addition to obstacles, there are also factors such as large height differences. Traditional radar sensors cannot fully and accurately perceive the external environment. Therefore, EAVISION uses a binocular system to simulate the human eye field of view to judge. In the surrounding environment, what the drone sees is what you get. At the same time, it is equipped with ultrasonic, lidar, and millimeter-wave radar sensors. According to the limitations of different sensors that can accurately detect the surrounding environment, the cross-complementation of multi-sensor and multi-dimensional data is realized to form multi-sensor fusion. The safety perception system can realize the perception of the UAV's flight direction, up and down, front and rear without dead angle, autonomous operation UAV automatically determines the safe path, intelligently selects the path from the top of the obstacle or from the left and right to avoid the obstacle, and realizes the real fully autonomous operation. .


Safety System 3: Multi-sensor Redundant System


No single device or sensor can absolutely guarantee long-term use without failure, so EAVISION adopts a multi-sensor redundant system, connects three identical sensors in parallel, and inputs the same data processing device, then when any one of them is damaged. When the sensor is abnormal, it will conflict with the other two sensors. At this time, the processing device will take the data of the two closest sensors and discard the extra points. Ensure that the sensor has no false alarms; for example, assuming that the probability of one device failure is 0.1%, then the probability of two failures of three sensors at the same time is 0.1%*0.1%=1 in a million, which improves the reliability of one square from the safety. .


In addition, EAVISION does not only rely on a single flight control system for safety control, but adopts a large and small brain safety control mechanism. The cerebellum is the traditional flight control system, and the brain is a multi-sensor processing system integrating vision. Both the cerebrum and the cerebellum have independent guidance. The ability of the aircraft to return or make a forced landing, if any one party has an abnormality, the other party will ensure the safe return or forced landing in place, and always ensure the safety of equipment and personal property.

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