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Shandong | New Opportunities for Family Farms in the New Era

Aug 30 , 2022


As one of the forms of family management, family farms play a fundamental role in China's modern agricultural management system.


During the interview, Mr. Chen showed us the fruit that he accidentally missed when he was bagging. Although he has undergone multiple spraying, the skin is still glossy and there is no drug burn. He said that this is all due to EAVISION plant protection drone.




It is understood that his farm has grown from 20 acres of land at first to more than 100 acres of land now, and spraying medicine has become a major problem for him to manage the orchard. During the summer prevention and control period, the difficulty of manual labor leads to low frequency of spraying. Other drones are restricted by the complex terrain of hills and mountains, and the flight control effect is not satisfactory. Mr. Chen's apple trees suffer from bad conditions such as spotted leaves and brown spot every year, which have not been well resolved, which directly affects the harvest of apples.




By chance, he observed the operation of EAVISION drone sprayer, and its excellent atomization effect attracted his attention. The ground-like flight of the EAVISION drone sprayer and the spraying of ultra-fine mist droplets make mountain operations easy and simple. It also has outstanding advantages in the rainy season. After the rain, the medicine can be replenished in time to seize the best opportunity for prevention and control. Immediately after buying EAVISION drone sprayer, Mr. Chen used it to carry out the whole process of plant protection in the orchard. So far, no diseased leaves or fallen leaves have appeared in the hundreds of acres of apple trees. EAVISION drone sprayer embellished his agricultural road with technology

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